Welcome to SMRF Technologies

SMRF Technologies is a global leader in waste to energy conversion, agronomic technologies, waste management services and renewable fuels generation.

We are the pioneers and front runners of scalable 2nd Generation (GEN-2) de-polymerization plants for GREEN commercially profitable and highly competitive hydrocarbon fuels which are unparalleled in efficiency and overall environmental benefits.

The scope of the SMRF process is to obtain GREEN hydrocarbons through our unique and patented de-polymerization techniques and then re-combining these carbon and hydrogen elements sourced entirely from carbonaceous waste feedstock.

The SMRF Process is a physical-mechanical-chemical process. The waste feedstock is reduced in size to 3 millimeters or smaller by milling and then further reduced in size to the molecular level by shearing and friction and dusted with exothermic materials such as those used in the petrochemical industry but yielding ZERO toxic elements or wastes to the environment or to landfills.

Our patent is registered in over 40 countries including North America and most of Europe, Asia and Oceania.
With over 40 years put into research and development of our plants, we have reached a major milestone of commercial production and scalability by building our plants; modular, turn-key and fit for purpose.

Commercial production to bring our plants to as many cities globally as possible is currently ongoing with rapid growth, as we take aim to lead the way in bringing a practical and interminable solution to the global quest for cheaper, cleaner and quality energy products.

Interminable Energy Source