Frequently Asked Questions

How cost effective are scalable SMRF plants?

Because SMRF Plants are less expensive to build, and they launch much more quickly (in just one (1) year), the product from each SMRF plant will come to market significantly faster. Therefore, revenues from the initial facilities can be used to finance the construction of subsequent SMRF Plants.

Are maintenance measures of SMRF Plants rigid like most plants?

If a single SMRF plant needs to be temporarily shut down for cleaning or repair, or in the case of an accident, this does not affect production at the other Plants. This would not be the case if there is just one single large plant. This is a welcome safeguard for both shareholders and the consumers.
Cumulatively, a small number of SMRF Plants can output the same amount of products as one large facility, and so these above listed benefits come without disadvantages.

Is SMRF plant system genuinely "Clean Tech"?:

Absolutely! SMRF plant systems recycles gasses and produces no tar, asphalt, waste oil or other toxic substances as part of our patented process.

What are some advantages of building two or more SMRF Plants?:

A number of strategically placed SMRF Plants means that Plants can be placed near to MSW disposal sites / where Biomass is amassed, where crude oil is produced / or at different receiving ports or locations within a country.

SMRF Plants can also be placed close to different major population centers. This significantly reduces the transportation of raw and /or refined product, which saves significant time and money.

Can SMRF Plants also substitute for conventional oil refineries?

Yes. Our SMRF solution is designed to be indifferent to the quality of the crude oil , used oils, municipal solid waste and biomass fed to the system.

We can refine any crude oil, very sour crude oil, highly waxy products or high asphaltic products. The results will remain constant i.e. high quality GREEN Fuels meeting EURO 4 standards.

What are SMRF Technologies unique applications to Land-Fills and Waste Management ?

Solving the immense problems of Methane emissions in landfills are our strong points, while also solving in part the CO2 emissions naturally occurring in these landfill sites.

We work effectively and independently with unsorted municipal solid waste as with the sorted ones, hereby facilitating the collection of the waste disposed to the landfills. by simplifying it; but also promoting the reuse-recycling of these waste products using pre-treatment sections in our SMRF facility in an All-in-One-Plant system.

How involved is local content participation towards scalability?

We employ a easy and flexible construction system thus making our plants industrially implementable on a large scale, globally.

In every country we operate, we aim to develop a national industry initially overseen by SMRF engineers, and in a few months roll out locally trained engineers with capacity to build the core and non-core pieces of SMRF facilities independently. Our employees will be trained in operations and maintenance of the whole system: software, electrical, electronics, mechanical, hydraulics, cabling and wiring, including tasks associated with agronomics for biomass and algae cultivation.

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