Biofuels Solutions

Biofuels Solutions

We are green, cost effective, modular, easy to build and maintain and 'self energy producing' for operations.

The SMRF Process provides a significantly higher net energy balance, higher quality end-products with lower production costs and favorably compete with other alternative energy providers and with alternative fuels producers of pyrolysis oil, ethanol and bio-diesel.

Our process is clearly a better conversion process when compared to conversions to pyrolysis oil and alternative bio-fuels and a better environmental solution than incineration and combustion methods. The SMRF Process can convert almost any organic and other non-metallic waste feedstock into a renewable high quality synthetic Diesel fuels, Biogasoline and Biokerosene which are market ready fuels (as fossil fuel substitutes) and set to a present and growing market demand.

Additional competing factors in using this renewable high quality synthetic fuel products includes no engine conversion components requirements, no down-time provisions for equipment modification fuel use and no fossil fuel blending.
With increasingly stringent governmental regulations and environmental limitations, the SMRF Process and its products appear ready to capitalize on national and global energy market trends.

Interminable Energy Source